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Life Skills

Each resident learns how to plan and prepare her own meals, maintain a home and care for her newborn, developing the skills to succeed independently.

Mary's Shelter staff and volunteers assist residents in navigating the local housing market and securing future housing.

Each resident receives support and encouragement as she completes her GED and earns college credit.

Mary's Shelter Kenhorst
The Capital Campaign for Mary's Shelter

Imagine a homeless, frightened, young woman who has just discovered that she is expecting a child. She has no place to live and no one who cares about her or her child. Mary's Shelter is there for her, helping to ease her fears and start the family on the road to success.

We have a distinct opportunity to effectively serve more women, children and families - essentially doubling our residential capacity - and we know that we are uniquely suited to accomplish this in our community through the fulfillment of our Kenhorst project.

Upcoming location for Mary's Shelter Kenhorst opening Fall 2016:
615 Kenhorst Boulevard
Reading, PA 19607

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